Different Types Of Team Building Activities And Games

There are a lot of different indoor and outdoor team building games and activities that you can use depending on what your overall goal is.  Before you choose the specific games and activities that you will use you need to determine if you should be using indoor or outdoor activities.

Indoor team building games are becoming a more popular option for many companies.  These types of team building activities can bring the employees together and break down the communications barriers that may be there.

Outdoor activities are generally more varied than indoor activities and require more interaction from the employees.  Some of the outdoor activities that you can complete include wilderness adventures, treasure hunts and sporting events.  Regardless of the activities that you choose you need to ensure that they encourage communication between employees, critical thinking and problem solving.

If you are going to be creating a team building event you should consider the activities that you can do.  It is best to know about the most common team building activities and games. Here are some tips from eEssenceAdventure team building event company.

Back To Back Drawing

team building challengeFor this game you have to divide your employees into pairs and have them sit back to back.  One of the pair will be told to think of a shape while the other is given pen and paper to draw the shape down.  The one imagining the shape will then have to instruct the other on how to draw the shape without expressly naming the shape.

When the drawing is complete the pair will have to look at the drawing and then determine how close it is to the shape that was imagined.  You should ask the pairs some questions relating to this game including how good the instructions were, how the instructions were interpreted and whether or not there were any problems with communication.  This game gives you insight into how your employees communicate as well as allowing them to have some fun.

Straw And Tape Tower

With this game teams will have to build the tallest tower out of straws and tape.  This game lets your employees strategise with each other on how to create the tower and ensure that it does not fall over.  With this game each team member will be able to input their ideas for the tower and show off their abilities when it comes to critical and strategic thinking.

White Water Rafting

There is nothing that can strengthen a team more than having to rely on each other in order to arrive at a destination via white water rapids.  Before you choose this activity you need to determine if all your employees will be willing as this is not an activity for everyone.  If your employees are all willing then there are a number of different rapids that you can try your hand at.  White water rafting not only increases teamwork, but is also invigorating as well as energizing.

water rafting team building

Picture Taking Assignments

For this game teams will be assigned and given a digital camera along with a list of items that they need to take pictures of.  This activity can have items from within a building or outdoors including pictures of a certain type of shoe, a number of items together or people wearing certain items or colors.  This game is good for testing the ingenuity of the team as well as how well they can communicate with others to procure the items they need.

Treasure Hunting

A treasure hunt is an activity that can easily be customized to suit your company and can be done indoors as well as outdoors.  Most employees find that treasure hunts are enjoyable and often memorable.

treasure hunting team building

If you are going to organize an indoor or outdoor team building event you should consider consulting a professional who specializes in this.  They will be able to help you determine the activities and games you should have and how to evaluate the results.


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